Dina Radeljas

Dina currently lives in Frankfort NY with her husband and beautiful daughter. Her family came to the USA in 1995 from a refugee camp in Pakistan. They survived the civil war in Bosnia which has led them on a journey only a refugee can understand. Dina holds a Ph D in Psychology and is currently employed as an instructor at Mohawk Valley Community College.

Ralph Simone

Ralph Simone has spent over a quarter of a century helping individuals and organizations transform themselves, raise their consciousness, and perform at their fullest potential.

As a Black Belt in karate and an avid reader, Ralph understands the benefits of consistent practice and continuous learning as an integral part of leadership development.

He received his B.B.A. from Siena College in 1979 with a major in accounting. He is a Certified Professional Coach, specializing in leadership and organizational effectiveness, and has amassed over 15,000 paid client coaching hours.

Michele Yulo

Michele Yulo is the founder and president of Princess Free Zone, Inc. and creator of SUIT HER, a potential line of suits for girls. It was Michele’s daughter, Gabi, who would provide the crucial spark of inspiration. Gabi was never into princess or pink; instead, she loved super heroes and bright, bold colors! Finding nothing for her in girls’ departments, Michele realized that girls like Gabi were being completely ignored by big companies that seemed to only see girls through a very narrow lens that limits their self-expression as well as the world around them. Michele decided do something about it and in 2009 started her journey with PFZ and helping to break down the gender stereotypes that are harmful to all children.

Maria Lallier

Maria started working in child care in 1997 and instantly gained a passion in working with young children and a vision to one day own a school. At that time she felt a strong sense of how 3 and 4 year olds were challenged every day with social competence. In 2002, while working at Bright Horizons Family Solutions, in Charlotte, NC as Preschool Coordinator, Maria was introduced to The Reggio Emilia Approach. This changed her life in the field of early childhood, as my perception on teaching shifted to have much more meaning, seeing children as competent and intelligent thinkers.

She believes in giving children an opportunity for discovery and serenity, to create an atmosphere where children, teachers and parents feel at ease and to create and sustain interaction, relationships and cooperation among all individuals involved with the school.

Tim Huenke

Tim’s business is called Superior Guitar Works and is located in Ft. Washington PA. They specialize in the restoration of vintage fretted instruments along with the occasional custom build. Tim has restored and worked on guitars from every decade from the mid 19th century till the present.

His work has been on the cover of the Blue Book of Electric Guitars 12th edition, and one of his restored pieces has found its way into the permanent museum collection of CF Martin guitars.

Along with his passion for fretted instruments his other interests include an obsession with all things involving mountain biking and craft brewed beer.

Tim lives with his wife Cindy and two children along with a 14yo rescue dog and two cats in Flourtown PA.

Mike Morrill

An IT guy with a heart for all things efficient and organized. Mike has become a LEAN thinker and through the principles of Kaizen his company explores delivering IT services to our customers.

He is active in the community and with business development from chairing the board of the local Chamber of Commerce to teaching the principles of LEAN to local business owners and entrepreneurs. Total Solutions has been a local employer for 18 years.

Ame Wren

Known for her lighthearted but highly specific approach to the yoga practice, Ame has become a go-to teacher for those seeking knowledge and guidance on everything from the mysteries of triangle pose to rising above the riffs of modern-day competitive yoga culture. She is the founder and director of Boston Yoga School, offering exceptional yoga programs in Boston, Cape Cod, Maine, and upstate New York. A dedicated student of both Iyengar and Ashtanga styles of yoga, Ame prides herself on being a devoted seeker and aims to inspire others to stay on the path of yoga, and of teaching.

Ame has been a featured teacher in Yoga Journal, at Wanderlust Festival, and was awarded the honor of “Best of Boston” in 2010. She travels extensively leading retreats, trainings, and workshops all over the world. In addition to her yoga studies she also holds a BA in Philosophy & Religion and an MA in Cultural Studies.

Mike Ballman

Mike Ballman is the Pastor of both Cornerstone Community Church and Plymouth Bethesda Church and the founder and director of the Oneida Square Project –
all located on Plant Street in Oneida Square in Utica.

Oneida Square Public Art & Design is their social enterprise that was established in 2015 to provide job and training opportunities for disenfranchised populations with barriers to employment… including those who were formerly incarcerated, have recovered from addiction or have a
disability. Their artisans are the creators of the beautiful mosaic litter receptacles you see in Bagg’s Square, Downtown Utica, Oneida Square, Griffiss International Sculpture Garden, The Community Foundation, MVCC and more.